What is the Incoming Payment Fee on my transaction?

Incoming Payment Fees are charged when you make a payment to NachoNacho. These fees vary based on the method of payment, and source of payment (US based or non-US based, US$ source or non-US$ source). You will find the fees listed on the Payment Source page in your NachoNacho account. If your payment source is … Read more

How are chargebacks and disputes handled?

If you have a dispute with a vendor, we will handle it on your behalf. The first step is for you to do everything you can to resolve the dispute directly with the vendor. We will ask for evidence that you have done so. If, after all your attempts, you still believe you are owed … Read more

How can I use the SaaS Marketplace?

First, users must have a NachoNacho account to sign up directly from the Marketplace page. Users can ‘Subscribe’ to a SaaS product from the marketplace and a NachoCard gets generated, with just the custom details like expiry date and limits required to be determined.