How do refunds work with NachoCards?

When you need to ask for a refund, all you need to do is go to the transaction you would like to dispute, click “Dispute this transaction” and then we will work with you to get your refund back to your NachoCard. If you have canceled a NachoCard, you can still receive refunds back to … Read more

Why does NachoNacho need all these details?

A NachoNacho account entails having access to charge a card and complete a financial transaction. Similar to when you open a business bank account or apply for insurance, NachoNacho’s verification process ensures that your experience and that of all our customers are safe, secure, and compliant with financial regulations.

Who can you add to your NachoNacho Account?

You can add team members to your NachoNacho account in order to manage and customize your team. It’s important to note that only real people should be added to your account as identification and date of birth are required to create NachoCards. Similarly, we encourage all team members to be signed up with a team … Read more

How do NachoDeals work?

NachoNacho can save you up to 30% on all the SaaS subscriptions you need to run your business. NachoNacho is able to do this by partnering with SaaS companies and showcasing their products on our SaaS Marketplace, making it easy for all NachoUsers to sign up and save on these products. To receive a NachoDeal, … Read more

What is the Incoming Payment Fee on my transaction?

Incoming Payment Fees are charged when you make a payment to NachoNacho. These fees vary based on the method of payment, and source of payment (US based or non-US based, USD source or non-USD source). If you pay by… Debit Card, you are charged an additional 2% fee Credit Card, you are charged an additional … Read more