How are chargebacks and disputes handled?

We know chargebacks and disputes are a pain to deal with, and that is why we work with you to get your money back. As a first step, we ask you to attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the vendor and provide proof of your attempts. If you have not received a refund after … Read more

How can I see company-wide spending over time?

The ‘Home’ page in your NachoNacho account shows you monthly and cumulative spending within the selected account. Additionally, you can see monthly and cumulative spending per NachoCard or subscription on the respective card or subscription levels.

Is there a spending limit?

All accounts have a weekly spending limit, which can be seen on the Payment Source page. This is an account-wide limit, determined by NachoNacho. Please contact us if you would like to increase this limit.

What is a pay-as-you-go account?

A pay-as-you-go account means that funds are drawn directly from your Payment Source whenever a NachoCard is charged. You may apply to change from prepaid to pay-as-you-go from the ‘Account Type’ tab in the account settings page. Additionally, please contact us if you would like us to consider enabling this feature for you.

What is a prepaid account?

A prepaid account means that all payments will be funded by your account balance, not directly from your payment source. Your account will have to be topped up with sufficient funds prior to making any payments. To update your balance follow the directions on “How do I update my balance?“.

How do I update my balance?

You can add funds to your balance anytime using your primary payment source by selecting the ‘Top up now’ button on the payment source page. You can also enable ‘Auto-Topup’ to ensure there is always sufficient balance in your account.

What types of payment sources are allowed?

We accept US-based banks as a Payment Source. In some cases, we may enable payments by credit/debit cards issued from anywhere in the world – please contact us if you need this feature. We also accept wire transfers from anywhere in the world. Please contact us for instructions.

What is a payment source?

Your payment source is used to fund all NachoCard payments in your account. Your payment source can be used to top-up your NachoNacho balance, or to directly fund payments (if enabled for your account). You can set up multiple Payment Sources, but only one can be active at a time – this is your ‘Primary’ … Read more