What is a payment source?

Your payment source is used to fund all NachoCard payments in your account. Your payment source can be used to top-up your NachoNacho balance, or to directly fund payments (if enabled for your account). You can set up multiple Payment Sources, but only one can be active at a time – this is your ‘Primary’ … Read more

What is the difference between Personal, Buyer, and Seller accounts?

NachoNacho offers each user the ability to operate three types of accounts. Personal: Personal accounts are created by default for every user. These accounts can be used to create NachoCards to consolidate and control subscription spending at an individual level. Buyer: Buyer accounts include all the features of a personal account, while allowing users to … Read more

Can I open multiple NachoNacho accounts?

Yes. Each NachoNacho account is tied to a unique email address, which allows you to use different emails to create separate NachoNacho accounts. Although this is possible, NachoNacho offers the ability to create multiple companies within a single NachoNacho account. Each company, in addition to your personal account, is operated separately with unique payment sources … Read more

What do I need to open a NachoNacho account?

NachoNacho requires specific information and documentation throughout your sign up and set up process. While signing up, simply provide your first and last name, email address, a password, and company name if creating a company account. Once signed up, you will be required to update your birthday and social security information. NachoNacho is required to … Read more

What is the Processing Fee on my transaction?

Processing fees are paid when you pay a vendor outside the US or in a non-USD currency with a NachoCard. Cross-border Fees: If the vendor is based outside of the US, a Cross-border Fee of 1.2% is charged. This applies whether the currency is USD or non-USD. Foreign Exchange Fees: If the billing currency is … Read more

How can I use the SaaS Marketplace?

To use the NachoNacho SaaS Marketplace, you must first create a NachoNacho account here. Users can ‘Subscribe’ to a SaaS product from the marketplace and a NachoCard will automatically be created for the specific subscription. From there, you may sign up for the service using the NachoCard provided and any promotions will be automatically collected … Read more