What is the difference between Personal, Buyer, and Seller accounts?

NachoNacho offers each user the ability to operate three types of accounts. Personal: Personal accounts are created by default for every user. These accounts can be used to create NachoCards to consolidate and control subscription spending at an individual level. Buyer: Buyer accounts include all the features of a personal account, while allowing users to … Read more

Can I open multiple NachoNacho accounts?

Yes. Each NachoNacho account is tied to a unique email address, which allows you to use different emails to create separate NachoNacho accounts. Although this is possible, NachoNacho offers the ability to create multiple companies within a single NachoNacho account. Each company, in addition to your personal account, is operated separately with unique payment sources … Read more

What do I need to open a NachoNacho account?

NachoNacho requires specific information and documentation throughout your sign up and set up process. While signing up, simply provide your first and last name, email address, a password, and company name if creating a company account. Once signed up, you will be required to update your birthday and social security information. NachoNacho is required to … Read more

How much does NachoNacho cost?

NachoNacho offers a simple, transparent pricing model of $5 per month, per user. Example: AvantSoft has 10 users in the company account. AvantSoft will be billed $5×10 = $50 per month. Contact us to ask about special promo codes for your company.

Where can I sign up?

Signing up for NachoNacho can be done in less than 5 minutes! Simply follow the directions below that apply to you. New Members Follow this link to create your NachoNacho account. Joining an existing company account Contact the Administrator of your company account. They will be able to send an invitation to your appropriate email.

What is NachoNacho?

NachoNacho currently has thousands of users issuing virtual credit cards on a per subscription basis with the goal to manage company wide recurring SaaS costs. With each NachoCard completely customizable to your business goals, you are able to have greater insight into your recurring SaaS spend. NachoNacho shifts power back to buyers With the ability … Read more