Refund sent to a canceled or expired card

Should you receive a refund on a canceled or expired NachoCard, your refund will be processed and sent to your payment source. For prepaid accounts, the refund will be sent to your account balance, and for pay-as-you-go accounts, the refund will be sent directly to your bank account.

How can I see company-wide spending over time?

The ‘Home’ page in your NachoNacho account shows you monthly and cumulative spending within the selected account. Additionally, you can see monthly and cumulative spending per NachoCard or subscription on the respective card or subscription page.

Is there a spending limit?

All accounts have a weekly spending limit, which can be seen on the Payment Source page. This is an account-wide limit, determined by NachoNacho. Please contact us if you would like to increase this limit.

What is the processing fee on my transaction?

In the case of non-US vendors and/or non-US$ transactions, our payment processor charges us certain fees. These fees are charged to you without any markup. Cross-border Fees: If the vendor is based outside USA, a Cross-border Fee of 1% + $0.30 is charged. This applies whether the currency is US$ or non-US$ Foreign Exchange Fees: … Read more

How can I review company transaction spend?

There are two main places to review transaction spend. Homepage: Provides overall spend data as well as most recent transaction Go to the ‘Transactions’ tab on the navigation bar. From here you can have a more granular view of your transactions