Can I use a NachoCard once and then cancel?

Yes! Users are able to create and cancel a card with a single click, at any time. In addition, with the ability to set a custom expiration dates, users are able to have a card expire before a second charge would be run on the card.

Can a NachoCard be used for multiple purchases?

Yes, a NachoCard can be used for multiple purchases. With users able to set spend limits, expiration dates, and cancel at any time, the NachoCard was designed with a multipurpose functionality at its core. That said, as set up takes less than five minutes, NachoNacho recommends segmenting spend over various cards to help manage SaaS … Read more

Can multiple people use the same NachoCard?

Yes, if the team member has access to the NachoCard (reference member descriptions) they are able to share a NachoCard. That said, NachoNacho recommends limiting NachoCards on a per user, per subscription basis to easily manage your spend.

How do I cancel or suspend a NachoCard?

There are three routes to suspending a NachoCard via the navigation bar on the lefthand side of your account when signed in: NachoCards When you select this option, you can either search for a specific card or locate the card you would like to suspend through checking the varying pages. Select the card you would … Read more

How do I create a new NachoCard?

Create a NachoCard in minutes by following the below step by step navigation. How to create a NachoCard Within your account, use the left hand navigation bar to select ‘NachoCards’ (highlighted in red): Next, once under NachoCards, select ‘+NachoCard’ to add a new card: Next, select the team member you plan to assign the card … Read more

What do I need to start using virtual NachoCards?

After creating you NachoNacho account and inviting your team members, the final step to start using virtual NachoCards is connecting your business bank account. Verify your business bank account You will receive two micro deposits in the account. Please confirm the two amounts to verify your account and you can use your NachoCards! To learn … Read more

What is a NachoCard?

A NachoCard is a virtual Visa card that is created on on per subscription basis within your NachoNacho account. This virtual card can be generated and used within minutes. Customizable Virtual Card A NachoCard, when created, is a customizable virtual card for a single SaaS subscription: Set personalized spend limits Determine expiry dates Cancel/Suspend the … Read more