What is my NachoNacho balance?

You upload funds into your NachoNacho Balance using your Payment Source. This Balance is then used to pay for your purchases. You can enable ‘Auto-Topup’ to make sure there is always enough Balance to cover your purchases or just ‘Topup’ when necessary. It is recommended that the Minimum Balance is at least as large as … Read more

How long does it take to verify my payment source?

Once your bank account is connected, the user has to simply verify the two micropayments to confirm the secure connection. Once verified by the user, the use of virtual NachoCards is enabled and users can start saving. The standard time it takes to verify the connection is typically the same day. If you run into … Read more

How do I connect a payment source?

To connect a payment source once you are in your NachoNacho account you will have to follow the steps below: Follow the navigation tab on the left and select ‘Payment Source’. Enter your bank information via our Stripe API. Review your bank statement to confirm two microdeposits made by NachoNacho to ensure a secure connection. … Read more