How does your affiliate program work?

When affiliates join our program, they can earn $100 flat or 100% rev-share from NachoNacho membership fees for one year. For the $100 flat offer the referred user must connect a bank account and do their first transaction. They must also have a minimum of $10k in their bank account. You’ll receive your affiliate commissions in about 30 days.

The 100% rev-share model works based on the company’s number of seats in their account. A company will have a seat for each employee they issue virtual cards to; if it’s a 100-person company, they might have 50-70 employees with a card issued to them for general expenses. If 50 users have a seat, you’ll earn $250/month ($5 usage fee x 50 seats) for one year from that one company alone. This is very common now that NachoNacho offers 1.5% cashback on their spend, so it makes sense for any business to have a NachoNacho account for every team member needing a card for expenses.

Our new program allows for a nice flat upfront commission or unlimited upside with our rev-share option. When joining our program, please let us know if you would like the rev-share option in advance.