QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration is currently available only for Pay-As-You-Go accounts. You can check the status of your account in Settings > Account Type.

To connect your NachoNacho account to QuickBooks:

1) Settings > QuickBooks: click on ‘Connect QuickBooks’.

2) Give this Chart of Accounts a desired name. This name will appear in the Chart of Accounts list in your QuickBooks account.

After this connection is made, all your purchase and refund transactions will flow into your QuickBooks account.

Dates:  a transaction will appear in QuickBooks after it has been captured by the vendor’s payment processor.  This may not happen on the same day as the payment was made to the vendor – it can take 1-3 business days.

Currency and amount: the payment amount in QuickBooks will be in US$, irrespective of the currency in which the payment was made. It will be the final payment amount paid to NachoNacho, including any fees.