What is the difference between Personal, Buyer, and Seller accounts?

NachoNacho offers each user the ability to operate three types of accounts.

  1. Personal: Personal accounts are created by default for every user. These accounts can be used to create NachoCards to consolidate and control subscription spending at an individual level.
  2. Buyer: Buyer accounts include all the features of a personal account, while allowing users to view and manage subscription spending at a company-wide level. Buyer accounts can include any number of team members with varying access levels. Admins can control member management, and NachoCard allocation for all team members.
  3. Seller: Seller accounts function similarly to buyer accounts with regards to member management, but are created for vendors who wish to partner with NachoNacho. While the buyer account shows company-wide spending, the seller dashboard shows vendors information on subscriptions to and transactions for their product. Additionally, vendors are able to manage their product page on the NachoNacho marketplace through this type of accoount.