What are the access rights for different member roles?

There are 4 member classifications within an account. See the table below to understand the different roles and permissions for each role.

View Quickbooks integrationXXX
View only their own user transactional/subscription dataXXX
View all transactional/subscription dataXXX
View download transactions data XXXX
View team member detailsXXXX
View NachoCardsXXXX
View NachoCard details to make purchasesXXX
View purchase subscriptionsXXX
Use the NachoNacho Chrome ExtensionXXX
Request NachoCardsX
Change settings for NachoCardsXX
Assign NachoCardsXX
Create NachoCardsXX
View NachoRewadsXX
Add/edit payment sourcesXX
Invite or remove team membersXX
Transfer ‘Owner’ roleX

If you need to invite a new Member, go to the Members tab, and click on “+Member”. Enter their email address and choose a role. They will get an email invite and will be able to get access to your account.