How are chargebacks and disputes handled?

If you have a dispute with a vendor, we will handle it on your behalf.

The first step is for you to do everything you can to resolve the dispute directly with the vendor.  We will ask for evidence that you have done so.

If, after all your attempts, you still believe you are owed a refund, please email us at  Include the following information:

  • URL of the original transaction or transaction ID in NachoNacho
  • Evidence of your communication with the vendor, attempting to resolve the dispute directly
  • All other supporting evidence, including any invoice or proof of purchase
  • An explanation in your own words why you believe you deserve a refund

You can attach PDFs.

We will then file a dispute with VISA on your behalf.  VISA is the final determining authority for the dispute, and within a few weeks we will be told ‘won’ or ‘lost’.  We will communicate this to you immediately.

If your dispute is ‘lost’, you will not get a refund, and we will need to charge you $15 for operational expenses.

If your dispute is ‘won’, you will get a refund similar to any other refund.

The decision by VISA is final, and you will not be able to appeal the decision.