How does cashback work for NachoCards?

When you make payments with NachoCards, you’ll enjoy up to 1.5% cashback. This is in addition to the discounts available in the NachoNacho Marketplace.

You’re eligible for this cashback if (1) you pay all standard NachoNacho fees, including Membership Fees, any fees on credit cards used to make payments to NachoNacho, and any fees associated with NachoCards, and (2) you are using NachoNacho for legitimate business purposes.

The cashback is easily redeemable if the Payment Source in your NachoNacho account is a US bank account (if you don’t have a US bank account, please contact us). It is redeemable 30 days after the payment is made using NachoCards. Minimum redemption amount is $50.

The cashback % can vary over time, based on the category of spend. Please see the table below for the cashback % for Q3 of 2023.

CategoryDescriptionCashback %
SoftwareAny cloud-hosted software product1.5%
AdsGoogle Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.1.5%
Cloud hostingAWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.1.5%
Travel & EntertainmentAirlines, hotels, restaurants, etc.1.5%
Human ServicesUpwork, Fiverr, etc.1.5%
Money transferPaypal, Venmo, etc.1.5%
ConsumerNon-business expenses (Netflix, pet supplies, etc.)1.5%
All elseEverything else!1.5%
*Rates may be subject to change on a quarterly basis starting October 1st.*