What is the difference between suspending and canceling a NachoCard?

It is important to understand the difference between ‘Canceling’ and ‘Suspending’ a NachoCard.

‘Canceling’ a NachoCard means that this card is no longer in use and will not be used in the future. This card can no longer be reactivated. Any Subscription attached to the card will need a new NachoCard in order to continue payments. Any NachoRewards earned through the canceled NachoCard for this payment will be discontinued.

‘Suspending’ a NachoCard means that this card has been ‘paused’. A suspended NachoCard can be ‘Reactivated’ at any time. No payments can be made through the suspended NachoCard. All links to Subscriptions and NachoRewards will still continue.

Learn how to cancel or suspend a NachoCard here.